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Under the name of BCM BOOKS for CHILDREN of MYANMAR / books for the children of Myanmar exist a non-profit-making organization in the meaning of Article 60 and following of theSwiss Civil Code an association. This has its headquarters in Rheinfelden.


The association aims to support the population of Myanmar,particularly their children, with books, magazines and school supplies of all kinds, but also to help themselves.

The association is non-profit and politically neutral.


Member of the Association may be natural or legal persons who actively support the purpose of the association

On the admission and exclusion of members of the Board. Against his decision can be made within 20 days with the General Assembly complaint. This decision shall be final.

Resignation is on the end of the financial year.


The organs of the Association are

• the General Assembly
• the Board
• the auditors

4.1 Members’ Meeting

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association. It is convened at least once a year by the Board.

An extraordinary general meeting may be required at the request of the Board or one-fifth of the members at any time and is within convene thirty days. Applicants must describe the items to be discussed and justified in writing.

The General Assembly may decide only on matters that are on the agenda list. Members’ requests should be sent at least one month before the General Assembly in writing to the President.

Duties of the General Assembly

• Approval of Minutes of last general meeting
• Acceptance of the annual report
• Approval of financial statements
• Budget and fixing of annual dues
• Election of tellers, the Board, the President and the auditors
• amending and supplementing the statutes
• Dissolution of the Association
• Resolution to further her by the Board submitted shops.

Choices and decisions are taken by simple majority of the votes cast. Each member has one vote. In a tie, the Chairman has the casting vote, in all other cases he does not agree with.

Elections and votes take place openly, unless demanded a quarter of the voters estate secret ballot or voting.

Changes in the statutes require a 2/3 majority of the votes cast.

If on an application before any amendment or counterclaim, it shall be deemed adopted men. The fact of the tacit assumption is recorded by the Chairman.

4.2 Board of Directors

The Board is the executive and administrative organ of the association;
he decides on all matters that are not reserved to the General Assembly.

Urgent transactions that are outside of its jurisdiction, but cannot be postpone, the Board may decide, subject to the subsequent approval of the general meeting itself.

The election of the Board, the President and the auditors made by the General Assembly for a term of 2 years. At the end of the election period, the officiating the board members are re-elected. The Board may replace vacancies on the vocational journey throughout the year. Such appeals must be made at the next regular election for the Assembly General.

The Board of Directors constitutes it self. A board member may simultaneously serve multiple departments. The Management Board shall take its decisions by majority vote.

The Board is the executive body of the Company and bears the responsibility for the overall management.

The Board shall be composed of at least 3 members.
He represents the association to the outside.

4.3 Auditors

From the ranks of members of the General Assembly shall elect for a term of 2 years at least 2 auditors. They are re-eligible and consider the financial statements, the assets inventory and the inventory.


The income of the Association consist ofmembership fees.
The amount and method of payment are determined by the General Assembly.

Contributions, donations, bequests
Patrons and donors can leave the club means to come, and they can have them either the club get general or a specific purpose.

Revenue from other activities
On behalf of the association other events can be conducted to find more revenue sources, for instance
– Lectures
– Study tours
– Exhibitions
– Sale of products from Myanmar

The financial year is the same as the calendar year.

The issues must come under the approved by the General Assembly budget. Unforeseen expenditure outside the budget requires Management to report to the next General Meeting and shall.

Assets of the association shall be liable for the obligations of the association. Personal liability of the members or the members of the board is out closed.


A partial or total revision of the statutes can be requested at any time at the request of the Board or one-third of the voting members.

For a resolution of the Association requires a three-quarters majority of all members present.

The association’s assets must be passed in this case, an institution that works in a similar sense for the children of Myanmar.

Approved and adopted at the founding meeting of 2 March 2008.

The day President:
Ernst Häuselmann
The Recording Secretary:
Ruth König