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Burma or Myanmar, as it is called today, has about the size of France and is situated between India and China, bordering ont he Himalayas in the north and on the Indian Ocean in the south. This country is multi-racial state with approximately 55 million inbabitants. Mixed with local religions, Buddhism is the most widely spread religiion. From 1885 to 1948, this country was a British colony and has ever since been governed by a military regime.

Myanmar is rich in mineral resources. Its large oil and natural gas resources are used for satisfying the neighbouring countries’ hunger for energy, particularly that of the People’s Republic of China. This country used to be the rice stores of Asia, whereas today it needs to import a a part of this basis foodstuff.

ts per capital income is about SF4. 1,00.–/year and life expectancy about 60 years. For many years, Burma has been one of the major suppliers of opium from which white heroin was produced. Opium was mainly cultivated by rebellious armies who financed their weapons with it. A well-known place was the Golden Triangle where the American solders were supplied with this popular drug during the Vietnam war.

Its most coomn ffodstuff are rice and noodles mixed with many vegetables and little meat (chicken, pork an d buffalo meat). A variety of fruits and homemade sweets give meals the finishing touch. Each meal is served with green tea. They also brew their own beer, which is mostly too expensive for the local population.